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The ArborSonic 3D Acoustic Tomograph is able to detect the size and location of decayed or hollow regions in the trunk non-destructively. It works based on sound velocity measurements between several sensors around the trunk. The basic measurement principle is that sound velocity drops if there is a hole between two sensors.




  • Our most popular product among arborists
  • Detects the size and location of decayed or hollow regions
  • Works fast: a measurement can be completed in 5-10 minutes
  • Creates a 3D model of the trunk with multiple layers of measurement
  • Customizable wind load modeling is included in the software
  • Utilizes non-destructive technique using sound waves (no radiation)
  • For trees with thick bark, 12 cm long nails are also available



Measured time precision: ± 2 microseconds
Sensor: Low noise SD02 piezo sensor
Number of sensors: Variable from 8 up to 32
Amplifier box size: 127 x 58 x 25 mm
Power consumption: 240 mW
Power supply: Standard (rechargeable) 9V block battery
Continuous operation time* : Approximately 2 hours
Carrying case: Peli Case 1500EU
Total weight** : 6 kg
PC connection: RS232 over cable or Bluetooth
Data transmission time per sensor tap: Below one sec
Total measurement time of one tree*** : 20 minutes
Operating temperature range : 0-40 °C
*with one battery
**without PC, including case, hammers and 10 sensors
***one section, including assembly, geometry registration, tapping and disassembly, using 10 sensors


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