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Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge TIME®2131

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge TIME®2131

TIME®2131 is an innovative and intelligent ultrasonic thickness equipment developed by Beijing TIME High Technology Ltd.. With built-in WIFI module and relying on our online testing system, it can get connected to the wifi network and thus realizes remote control, data sharing, data analysis, report printing, remote video assistance, remote software upgrade, online help and after-sales support through a mobile phone or computer. The stylish design, powerful functions and excellent performance make TIME®2131 a high-end thickness gauge that fully meets your online testing requirements.


● Auto recognition of probe

● Dynamic compensation of measurement error caused by probe change and coupling condition

● Real time display coupling condition

● OLED screen with high contrast and brightness suitable to use in sunlight

● Scanning measuring mode, up to 20 times per second

● I-E testing mode, E-E testing mode and auto mode for option

● Memory of 3000 data: stored in 30 thickness files, 100 thickness values for each file

● Upgrade online, upgrade the firmware of the unit by WIFI or APP

● Dataview available for selection of data store, ZW5P, TSTU32 etc.


Standard Delivery  
Main unit  1
Bent Probe  1
Couplant  1
AA battery  2
TIME certificate  1
Warranty card  1
Instruction manual  1


Technical Specifications

Measuring range (steel)

5PΦ10, 5PΦ10/90: 1.2-225.0 mm,
7PΦ6: 0.75-60.0 mm, ZW5P: 4.0-80.0
mm, TSTU32: 3.0-300.0 mm

Accuracy (steel)

ZW5P, TSTU32: ±0.10 mm (H<10.00
mm)±(1%H+0.01) mm (H≥10.0 mm)
5PΦ10, 5PΦ10/90, 7PΦ6: ±0.05 mm
(H<10.00 mm) ±(0.5%H+0.01) mm
(H≥10.00 mm)

Repeatability (steel)

ZW5P, TSTU32: 0.10 mm, 5PΦ10,
5PΦ10/90, 7PΦ6: 0.03 mm

Stability (steel)

ZW5P, TSTU32: 0.10 mm, 5PΦ10,
5PΦ10/90, 7PΦ6: 0.05 mm

Accuracy for wall thickness of curve surface(steel)

±0.1 mm

Sound velocity range (m/s)

508-18699 (m/s)

Accuracy for thickness when change sound velocity

≤±0.5 mm


0.1 mm, 0.01 mm, 0.001 mm

Special display

Min. value, Max. Value, Average value


Upper, lower limit

Two point calibration


Indicator for battery

Indicator for coupling


6 sound velocity value, 3000 thickness



Switch off

Auto switch off in 2 minutes if no use

Working environment

Temperature: 0-40℃, Humidity: 90%

Memory environment

Temperature: -25-60℃, Humidity: 90%


2 pcs AA battery

Working electricity

60 mA (3.0 V)


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