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WDW-50E series microcomputer control electronic universal testing machine

WDW-50E series microcomputer control electronic universal testing machine

First, the product description

Features :

Complete computer controlled : The whole measuring and controlling system adopts specific PC control card used for testing machines, raelizing the data zero and plus adjustment, which has very high reliability.


Supporting multi-transducers


Realizing the database management of the test data which are stored according to the standard format; facilitating other software to analyze and transfer.

Perfecr programming by auto program control, every control mode can smoothly shit to another one. Fulfilling the test requirement of all kinds of materials with every test standard home and abroad.


Control software has the auto-adjusting function of test hardness, which assures that the system work with every kind of specimen hardness.

Perfect graphic function realizing the arbitrarily magnifying, decreasing, aqualiing, adding, indicative display and print of all kids of test curves, the test point searching as weell as the simultaneous display and print of saveral kids of test curves. Data processing supposes self-disposing and input disposing of graphic human computer interaction, which facilitates the check and contrast of the last result.

The user can self-define the output of the report, which makes the report format have very high flexibility.


Modlarization design facilitates the software upgrading, function spreading as well as the second development.



1. Applicable test methods and standards:


GB/T228 "Metal materials tensile test method at room temperature"

GB/T7314 "Metal materials room temperature compression test method"

GB/T14452 "Test method for bending mechanical properties of metallic materials"

Can meet GB , ISO , ASTM , DIN and other standards. Other corresponding standards can be added according to customer needs.


2 , the host:


The machine adopts double space door structure, the standard is upper space stretching, the lower space is compressed and bent, and the tension and compression space can be converted into each other. The main part is composed of four guiding columns, upper beam, middle beam and workbench, and the speed control system is installed in the lower part of the workbench. The Japanese Panasonic AC servo motor with high speed regulation, wide range and stable performance drives the ball screw pair to rotate through the synchronous toothed belt deceleration system. The ball screw pair drives the middle beam to drive the stretching aid (or compression, bending, etc.). The auxiliary tool) moves up and down to realize loading and unloading of the sample. This structure ensures that the frame has sufficient rigidity to achieve efficient and smooth transmission. The main components of the mainframe are processed in the machining center to ensure the accuracy of the mainframe. The ball screw is E5 .


3 , with standard configuration:


A set of wedge-shaped tensile attachments, compression attachments, and bending attachments. The wedge-type tensile attachment adopts manual rotary clamping mode, convenient clamping, reliable, non-slip, and the jaws do not move during the clamping process, and the clamp moves up and down. The sample is not subject to additional forces, ensuring the accuracy of the test results.


4 , electrical system:


With the Japanese Panasonic Corporation AC servo drive and AC servo motor, the performance is stable and reliable, with protection devices such as overcurrent, overvoltage, overspeed and overload. The speed ratio can reach 1:100,000 . It has protection functions such as overload, overcurrent, overvoltage, upper and lower displacement and emergency stop. The electrical control circuit refers to the international standard, conforms to the national test machine electrical standard, and has strong anti-interference ability, which ensures the stability of the controller and the accuracy of the experimental data.


 Second, the main technical indicators


erial number

Technical indicators








Test machine level

Level 1 or level 0.5


Maximum test force








Test force measurement range

Maximum test force ( 0.4% to 100% )


Test force measurement accuracy

Within the measurement range of the maximum test force ( 0.4% to 100% ), it is better than±1 % of the indicated value Level 1 );

Within the measurement range of the maximum test force ( 0.4% to 100% ), it is better than±0.5 % of the indicated value ( 0.5 level)


Test force resolution

±300000 yards


Maximum deformation



Deformation measurement range

0.2%-100% of the full scale of the extensometer


Deformation measurement accuracy

Within the range of 0.2%-100% of the full scale of the extensometer , better than ±1 % of the indicated value Level 1 );

Within the range of 0.2%-100% of the full scale of the extensometer , better than ±0.5 % of the indicated value ( 0.5 level)


Displacement measurement accuracy

Better than ±1 % of the indicated value Level 1 ); better than ±0.5 % of the indicated value Level 0.5 )


Displacement resolution



Displacement speed (mm/min)

0. 005 ~ 500 , stepless speed regulation


Stretching stroke (mm)







Compression stroke (mm)





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