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Automatic testing machine

1 , product introduction


The automatic testing machine can continuously complete the automatic clamping of batch material samples, automatic measurement of dimensions, automatic recording of deformation data, and automatic analysis of test data in the unattended condition. It consists of a robot, an electronic tensile testing machine, a cross-sectional dimension measuring platform, a fully automatic extensometer, and a clip-type flat push fixture. The material mechanical properties of the batch samples can be tested without interruption or high precision. Provides a reliable solution for safe and efficient completion of high-volume material mechanical performance testing.


    The electronic tensile testing machine mainly performs the stretching of the sample through the loading mechanism composed of the AC servo motor and the deceleration system, and accurately measures the tensile force through the load sensor.


As a key measuring device in material testing, the fully automatic extensometer is a sample deformation measuring system independently developed by our company. It can automatically clamp and loosen the extension measuring arm under the control of the software, and can track the sample to the fracture. It is not necessary to open the extensometer during the test to ensure the integrity of the test data acquisition. In addition, the sample deformation data is collected using a high-resolution imported grating scale with 0. 075 ц m to ensure accurate measurement of the deformation of the sample during the test.


The clip-on flat push clamp equipped with the driving load measuring system can also automatically clamp and loosen the sample under the control of the software, and the clamping force of the sample can be automatically adjusted by the test software. The clip-on flat push clamp with mechanical synchronization technology has a concentricity of 2.13% , which ensures the coincidence of the force axis of the test machine and the center line of the sample.


The sample size measuring platform conforms to the GB/T 228.1-2010 Metallic Material Tensile Test Method, which mainly completes the automatic measurement of the cross-sectional dimension of the sample. Under the control of the management software, it can judge and can self-measure through the gauge block. The calibration ensures the accuracy of the dimensional data, and the data obtained during the measurement process is automatically input into the computer system to complete the entry of the sample information. The measuring accuracy of the measuring instrument meets the needs of micron precision measurement.


The multi-joint robot mainly performs sample picking, sample feeding, clamping and waste recycling. The maximum line speed during the operation of the robot can reach 1M/s . During the test, if the test speed is 5mm/min , from sampling to sample delivery, including waste recovery after the test is completed, under the action of the robot, one test cycle can be completed within 3 minutes, which ensures the test efficiency to the greatest extent.


The whole system communication software adopts the whole system management software. During the whole test process, it has automatic monitoring function for each part. If an abnormality occurs, the test software issues I/O control commands, and the electronic tension tester and automatic automatic extensometer are turned off. And hydraulic double action flat push clamp. The management software is notified in the form of the fault state quantity, and then the robot feeding system and the dimensional measurement platform are controlled to be safely tested.


The measurement and control system with the maximum sampling frequency of 100Hz can complete the automatic clamping of the extensometer, the automatic adjustment of the gauge length, the automatic clamping and loosening of the clamp on the one hand, and the collection of test information and the analysis of the test results on the other hand. Storage can also be done automatically.


All the components of the above system are modularized, and each part can be fully automated according to different test requirements, and equipped with different load test machines.


2 , the main parameters: 

Serial number

Term   project   name  called

Technical   art   reference   number


Force measuring system

Maximum test force ( kN )


Test force accuracy


Test force measurement range

400N to 100kN

Test force resolution

0.001% F N

Displacement resolution ( mm )


Displacement measurement accuracy


Speed ​​range ( mm/min )

0.005 - 500 , stepless speed regulation

Speed ​​accuracy


Maximum stretching stroke ( mm)


Test space width ( mm )


Beam maximum stroke ( mm )



Automatic extensometer

Deformation measurement accuracy

±0.2um or 0.5% set value (maximum value)

Deformation measurement range (mm )


Deformation resolution ( mm )


Strain measurement tracking force ( N )


Arm clamping force ( N )

1.0-2.0 adjustable

Maximum thickness of clamping sample ( mm )


Maximum width of clamping sample ( mm )



Wafer type flat push clamp

Rated bearing capacity ( kN )


Clamping force range ( kN )


Clamp sample size range ( mm )

Flat jaw mouth 0-34 , round specimen: diameter φ4-φ9 , diameter φ9-φ20

Double cylinder maximum speed (mm/min )

About 450


Sample size measurement platform

Maximum width measurement range ( mm )


Maximum thickness measurement range ( mm )


Width measurement accuracy ( mm)


Thickness measurement ( mm )





Robotic automatic loading system

Clamp sample type

Flat specimen

Clamping maximum load ( Kg )


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