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WDW-20 desktop microcomputer control electronic universal testing machine

WDW-20 desktop microcomputer control electronic universal testing machine

Features :

Complete computer controlled : The whole measuring and controlling system adopts specific PC control card used for testing machines, raelizing the data zero and plus adjustment, which has very high reliability.


Supporting multi-transducers


Realizing the database management of the test data which are stored according to the standard format; facilitating other software to analyze and transfer.

Perfecr programming by auto program control, every control mode can smoothly shit to another one. Fulfilling the test requirement of all kinds of materials with every test standard home and abroad.


Control software has the auto-adjusting function of test hardness, which assures that the system work with every kind of specimen hardness.

Perfect graphic function realizing the arbitrarily magnifying, decreasing, aqualiing, adding, indicative display and print of all kids of test curves, the test point searching as weell as the simultaneous display and print of saveral kids of test curves. Data processing supposes self-disposing and input disposing of graphic human computer interaction, which facilitates the check and contrast of the last result.

The user can self-define the output of the report, which makes the report format have very high flexibility.


Modlarization design facilitates the software upgrading, function spreading as well as the second development.




1. Product introduction


    The lower space is the test space , the main body of the mainframe is made of aluminum, and the drive and transmission parts are placed at the bottom of the main machine and covered with sheet metal parts.

The afterburning frame is composed of a ball screw pair and a column, wherein the guiding part adopts a linear bearing to ensure smooth running of the beam test process, no vibration, and high coaxiality;

The deceleration part adopts precision imported reducer and synchronous belt deceleration. The whole machine has high rigidity, low noise and no backlash. It can be stretched, compressed and cyclically loaded in the range of 0 to 500N, 1kN and 2kN.

The control part is hung on the right side of the host and has a control button on it, which can be used to control the host, start or stop the test, and also set related parameters such as loading speed, sample diameter, beam return speed, etc. The operation is flexible and convenient.


2. Main technical indicators

Serial number

project name



Test force index

Maximum test force


Measuring range:

20N to 2kN

Relative error of indication

± 0.5%

Relative resolution



Test machine level

Level 0.5


Speed ​​indicator



Relative speed of movement

± 0.5%

Speed ​​and load

Allow full load in the speed range


Displacement index



Relative error of indication

± 0.5%


Maximum stroke of the beam

650mm (can be customized)

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