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WDW-T100 microcomputer control electronic universal testing machine

WDW-T100 microcomputer control electronic universal testing machine

Product description:

The 100KN desktop microcomputer control electronic universal testing machine is a new type of precision mechanical testing equipment. The test machine is a bench-top structure that can be placed on a simple workbench. The main engine is driven by the servo motor to realize the up and down movement of the beam, and complete the mechanical properties tests such as stretching, compression, shearing and puncture of metal and non-metal materials.

In terms of control, the F020 and F038 controllers are installed in an electrical control cabinet that is side-mounted on the right side of the host. Through it, the control cabinet and the computer can independently control the test operation of the host. The control cabinet uses a liquid crystal display to test The test data can be displayed on the screen in real time during the process.

This product can be widely used in the mechanical properties of tensile, compression and bending of metal materials and non-metal materials. With a wide range of attachments, it can also be used for mechanical properties testing of profiles and components. In the field of testing of materials such as ropes, belts, wires, rubber, and plastics, which have large deformation and high test speed, they also have a very broad application prospect.

In addition, the exterior of the main unit can be equipped with a protective door, which is integrally formed, which is not only beautiful in appearance, but also durable; when the protective door is opened and closed, the ongoing material test can be automatically suspended or stopped and restarted.


Technical Parameters:

Maximum test force: 100KN

Accurate accuracy of test force: ± 1% / ± 0.5% better than the indicated value (precision level is ± 0.5% )

Force measurement range: 0.4% of maximum test force - 100% FN

Deformation measurement accuracy: ± 1% of the indication value in the range of 0.2% - 100% of the full scale of the extensometer (precision level is ± 0.5% )

Beam displacement measurement: resolution 0.001mm

Beam speed range: 0.005mm/min stepless speed regulation; arbitrarily set

Test space width: 610mm

Attachment form: standard wedge-shaped stretch attachment, compression attachment, bending attachment, and other attachments proposed by the user;

Mainframe dimensions (width × depth × height): 1062 × 775 × 1910 ( mm )

Machine form: desktop

Quality: 830kg

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